Direct Service

What is Direct Service?

Our direct service program is a medication management system designed to improve patient compliance for those patients that are independent but still in need of assistance. We work close with your doctor and other care givers to find the right medication regimen to maintain your independence.

Direct Service through Mulberry Pharmacy has been developed with the primary focus on maintaining our customer’s independence via medication maintenance. By offering various packaging and automatic refills, we assist our customers with being in compliance with their medications. This is a Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Program for those who take multiple maintenance drugs on a daily basis. Daily medications are packaged based on time of administration for the patient. This unique system is designed to help keep patients in compliance and on the road to good health. Monthly delivery available.

What is a Multi-Dose Blister Card?

You will receive four Multi-Dosed Cards each containing (1) week supply of maintenance medications. Hermetically sealed and prepackaged at Mulberry Pharmacy for Morning, Noon, Evening, or Bedtime dosing. This compliance package contains all of your maintenance medications at the right time, right dose, and right day.

What is a cycle?

This means all of the customers medications will be delivered on a scheduled basis. The customer will receive (4) multi-dose blister cards, representing 4 weeks in a month. Each card is divided just like a pill organizer: (7) days with (4) time increments: AM, Noon, Evening, Bedtime.

What are the benefits of signing up for Direct Service?

  • Coordination with multiple prescribers to ensure the best medication regimen for you
  • Organizing of your medication
  • Daily pills are presorted and packaged according to dose and time of day. No more wondering if medicines were taken
  • At home delivery
  • Automatic prescription refills