Privately owned & family operated.

Mulberry Pharmacy lnc. has been privately owned and family operated since 1960. Mulberry Pharmacy has incorporated the latest technology, pharmaceutical knowledge and medication management systems to take care of all of our residents, patients and customers with the best possible customer service, accuracy and experience. Our mission is to treat each individual customer as if they were a family member.

Retail Pharmacy

Serving the local community with a walk-in pharmacy, Mulberry Pharmacy provides a quick turnaround time, expert knowledge, and that local "get-to-know-you" feel, competitive pricing, able to take all insurances (including TriCare/Federal Government), and expert billing further enhances our customer care.

long term care pharmacy

With 3 different robotic packaging systems, multiple EMOR/MAR systems, custom dispensing packaging and labeling available, we exceed the "industry standard". With our in-house billing department and knowledgeable staff, we offer superior communication between the LTC resident, their family, their physician, and the LTC facility.

compounding pharmacy

Mulberry Pharmacy has been compounding for 15 years. We have over a $100,000 in certified equipment along with specialized training in both basic and sterile compounding, We work with the physician and customer to create a unique custom pharmaceutical solution for every one of our compounding patients.

direct service

We offer medication management to our customers and patients that allow for increase medication adherence, keeping them at home, healthy and allowing them to retain their independence. Packaged in one of our automated robotic systems for increased accuracy, Mulberry Pharmacy was the first and is the leader of providing medication management to private residents in Central Florida.